The Up&Up Episode 3: Mamadou.

Listen in as Henri and Zach interview Mamadou., one of the most exciting voices Columbia’s music scene has to offer. Blending influences of poetry, hip-hop, soul and R&B, Mamadou.’s music is versatile in both genre and mood. His ability as a storyteller is fascinating, and despite the somber subject of Mamadou.’s rhymes, it’s difficult to not find yourself singing along to the grooves he creates.

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Henri Vrod
Insecure: Hunger and Desperation Down South

Each morning of fourth grade—her first school year in Louisiana—the eldest Thompson child had to be dialed in. There was no way Ms. Maniscalco could’ve known, but the chocolate kisses she gave to the first person who finished their multiplication and division problems were Annie’s only potential source of food until dinner.

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CultureEzra Lerner
The Up&Up Playlist Update: 5/2

2019 has been an eventful year for music. Big names from a variety of genres have released projects, ranging from the electronic pop of Billie Eilish’s WHEN WE ALL FALL ASLEEP, WHERE DO WE GO? to the hardcore trap anthems that Rich the Kid brings in The World Is Yours 2. While the year has only just begun, we have seen releases from both established industry names like Sia and newer independent artists like HappyBirthdayCalvin.

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CultureHenri Vrod
See Jake Chapman Vibe Out on a Sidewalk or Screen Near You

Now, a portrait of the vibist as a young man. From Southern California, J.C. started on piano when he was six, but it wasn’t his main passion (get it?). “I wasn’t a good practicer,” he told me. “It was casual.” That is, until the day his middle-school band teacher asked if he wanted to play vibes. And he’s been hip ever since.

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CultureRyan Daar
Soul-Searching with Andre Dubus

Yet Dubus gave me a vocabulary and an understanding of fear that I would have never encountered if not for him. Love is mysterious, wonderful, and hard work. Why can’t fear be all of those things as well? A darkness within our selves that is intertwined with the possibility of wonder and mystery.

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EssaysGus O'Connor
The Up&Up Episode 2: Oswald Fresh

In the second episode of The Up&Up, Henri and Zach talk to Bacchanal student opener Oswald Fresh. A senior from Houston, Fresh describes his sound as “a mix of Jack Johnson and Juice WRLD.” Topics cover Bacchanal, finding his sound, influences, and much more.

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PodcastsHenri Vrod
X's and O's: Columbia’s future has already begun

Nonetheless, with just three seniors (Adlesh, C.J. Davis, and Peter Barba) departing at the end of the semester, Columbia’s future looks bright. But one only truly knows how bright the future looks by examining it; let’s do that by comparing two of the team’s brightest first-years with two of its top upperclassmen.

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SportsJosiah Cohen