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Soul-Searching with Andre Dubus

Yet Dubus gave me a vocabulary and an understanding of fear that I would have never encountered if not for him. Love is mysterious, wonderful, and hard work. Why can’t fear be all of those things as well? A darkness within our selves that is intertwined with the possibility of wonder and mystery.

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EssaysGus O'Connor
Lessons in Preemptive Mourning

My grand-family and Barnes & Noble share disasters. B&N announced its worst summer quarter ever around the same time Candy had a heart attack. She survived, and so far B&N has too, but she spent a week in the hospital and B&N condensed its Sci Fi section to fit toys.

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EssaysMaeve Flaherty
On The Water: Wake-up call

We try to move through the terms quickly, but we are running on 5 hours of sleep (for the second night in a row) and it's hard to concentrate. We walk across campus while discussing the material, all while also debating if we should try to sleep during the 25 minute journey to Baker Athletics Complex or just continue to study.

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EssaysDunia Habboosh
On Bloodletting

A bushel of needles prods the body repeatedly, depositing ink with each injection. The recipient of such treatment may wince, grimace, or remain stone-faced, having become familiar with or, perhaps, taking pleasure in the act of being stabbed.

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Confessions of a Consumerist

Instead, I reminded myself that her parents paid $20 per hour plus fare for a cab back to school, that her mom didn’t care how much YouTube she watched, that they were my friend’s primary babysitting gig and for her sake I couldn’t piss them off. And so I kept watching a six-year-old who had more toys than most people have skin cells watch other people unwrap cheap gifts. She had the glazed eyes of an addict numbed by her latest fix.

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EssaysAmabella Rice